We deliver all common casted materials. During the design of products majority of product costs are fixed. During that process, it is good decision to contact us. We have long experience in designing constructions. We know well not only casted-, but also forged- and welded components. We help you to find the best solution.

Choosing the material is one important step in design of construction. It affects to costs and properties. Many times the material is chosen by copying it from old drawings. It can lead to good solution, but there is a high risk to choose expensive or otherwise unfit material. You should use your best skills and the help of the professionals. It can save you losing time, from problems and money.

Our network cowers all the materials that are commonly used. We will suggest the optimal choice to you.

EN-GJL so called Grey iron. The easiest material to cast. Properties are enough for many demanding components. Strength is good enough, but in many cases the lack of ductility makes the material unfit.

EN-GJS, ductile iron. In solidification of the melt, graphite in matrix takes a spherical form. As a result, we have steel that includes vast amount of microscopic round graphite balls. So, the most important part of the material is steel and it defines crucial part of the properties. Alloying and heat treatment have big effect.

GS, Steel. With alloying and heat treatment you reach large variety of material properties. Typical targets are yield strength, ductility, hardness, corrosion resistance or combination of these. To high alloyed steels belongs also stainless steel.

Aluminium. Aluminium combines strength to low weight. In many cases aluminium gives also enough resistance to corrosion. It is easy to find solutions, were aluminium is the best choice. With alloying and heat treatment you can variate the properties.

Copper alloys, The special material properties of copper defines the use. Typical applications are for example sliding bearing, valves and components demanding high electrical conductivity.